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Our goal is to offer complete and immersive live sports experiences that boost fan engagement and generate more revenue for our partners. Using our revolutionary new approach, viewers can take control of their broadcast experience by switching between multiple high-definition and 360º cameras, all while remaining part of the overall broadcast. This results in considerably higher fan engagement and creates new sponsorship possibilities through seamless, embedded real-time advertising that does not disrupt the viewing experience.



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Frequently Asked Questions

BestSeat360 empowers fans to interact with live broadcast content by allowing them to choose and direct their viewing experience from various camera feeds. The company offers a distinctive and immersive multi-switch 360/HD streaming experience for sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Its objective is to provide the best possible viewing experience to fans by leveraging multi-360/HD live streaming technology, which specializes in sports and entertainment.

Bestseat360™ is a New Zealand-based technology company that delivers immersive live footage of sports and entertainment events through SwitchHD and Switch360. Their patent-pending technology enables stable viewing on any device.

BestSeat360™ enables second screen viewing during live sports events through a smartphone or tablet. This enhances the viewer’s experience by providing additional content, including stats, highlights, replays, LIVE social media feeds with interactive features.