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Our SWITCHHD web-based player allows viewers across the globe, using various devices, to access and watch high-definition content. It features an intuitive HUD control that enables users to choose the preferred video to watch, while receiving an audio and PIP broadcast stream.

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Our SWITCH360 web-based player allows global viewers to access 360-degree content across multiple devices. It features an intuitive HUD 360 control for choosing preferred videos, while receiving an audio and PIP broadcast stream.

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Our proprietary platform allows us to stream live and VOD content in both 360 and HD using a range of cameras, ensuring high-quality videos.


Each TBOX or virtualised VBOX has the capability to manage and transmit video content through high-speed networks. The TBOX is designed to combine multiple sources of content, such as 360 views, sensor data, HD camera footage, telemetry, and derived data, into a single live stream that can be displayed in SWITCH 360. On the other hand, VBOX is best suited for stationary or stadium cameras.


Each TBOX controls and and transmits video over 5G cellular networks. The TBOX can integrate multiple sources of content (e.g 360, sensor data, HD camera, Telemetry and derived data) which are merged into a single live stream for display in SWITCH HD or SWITCH 360.


The Control platform remotely manages events and cameras through BS360 Transmission boxes, enabling advertising content insertion at appropriate points. Multi-cloud CDNs allow for secure and automatic global scalability of live event playouts.


SWITCH 360 and SWITCH HD are online video players that allow viewers from all around the world, using various devices, to watch multiple streams or any combination thereof. They come equipped with an easy-to-use HUD control, which enables users to select the videos they wish to watch, while simultaneously receiving audio and PIP broadcast stream.


SWITCH 360 is a web-based player which enables globally distributed viewers on multiple different devices to watch a number of HD, 360º, or any combination of these with an intuitive HUD control to select videos to watch while receiving an audio and PIP broadcast stream.


Our event management platform benefits from a Multi Cloud-based Content Delivery Network. This provides our customers with the flexibility to securely and automatically manage a globally scalable viewer platform for both live and VOD events.


Our portal, allows you to easily find, filter, and control the publication, distribution, and privacy of VODs from past events you have streamed. This ONDEMAND content library is designed to enable you to re-live those events and share them with your fans at your convenience.


Re-live past events and share with your fans using On Demand, a personalized portal where you can find and control publication, distribution, and privacy of VODs from previous events you have streamed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

BestSeat360 empowers fans to interact with live broadcast content by allowing them to choose and direct their viewing experience from various camera feeds. The company offers a distinctive and immersive multi-switch 360/HD streaming experience for sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Its objective is to provide the best possible viewing experience to fans by leveraging multi-360/HD live streaming technology, which specializes in sports and entertainment.

Bestseat360™ is a New Zealand-based technology company that delivers immersive live footage of sports and entertainment events through SwitchHD and Switch360. Their patent-pending technology enables stable viewing on any device.

BestSeat360™ enables second screen viewing during live sports events through a smartphone or tablet. This enhances the viewing experience by providing additional content, including stats, highlights, replays, LIVE social media feeds with interactive features.